We make friends of e-Residents and Estonians
e-Residency is much more than just an e-solution for business - together, we can make 1 million reasons to make new Estonia friendships across the world!

RUNO is an app that connects Estonians and e-Residents one by one for meaningful online conversations via text, voice or video.

So start now if you want to talk to a random e-Resident - or a random Estonian, if you are an e-Resident yourself.
Broaden your cultural horizons
e-Residents of Estonia are an incredibly diverse community from over 150 different countries. Imagine the things that you can learn!
Share Estonia with the world
Most e-Residents discover Estonia through business. But Estonia has so much more to offer! Help others discover the Estonia you love.
Make life-changing connections
Discover your common interests and passions. Learn what makes you different. Talk online for hours, or meet in Estonia or around the world!
May 31, 2020: RUNO
Sõbrapäev (Friends Day)

You are of course welcome to open the app any time you are free. But on Sunday, May 31, there will be a special event!
It happens at two time windows:
9:00 - 11:00, and 17:00 - 19:00 Estonian Time (GMT+3).

This will maximize the chances of everyone getting a conversation or two.
How does it work?
Install app and sign up with Smart ID or Mobile ID
While the users are initially anonymous to each other, all of them authenticate with an Estonian ID. This ensures full transparency and decisive resolution of issues.
Talk to Estonian residents or e-Residents via text, voice, or video
Once you open the app and indicate you're ready to talk, we will match you with an e-Resident of Estonia who is also interested to talk at this moment.
Rate the conversation and wait for a match!
Once the call is finished, tell us if you'd like to talk to the same person again. If both say "yes", we share your contacts. If one says "no", we never connect you again.
People love doing this!
Get the RUNO app now!
Available for both Android and iPhone
RUNO is brought to you by MTÜ Estonian e-Residents international chamber association (EERICA).
The app itself is developed and maintained by Martin Nørgaard Gregersen and his company mr noe OÜ.
RUNO Sõbrapäev
  • Sunday, May 31
  • 9:00 - 11:00 and
    17:00 - 19:00 Estonian Time
  • Sign up on Facebook
  • Estonian ID
  • Smart Phone with
    Android or iOS
  • Data plan or WIFI access
Learn when Runo is launched
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